Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Self- Inflicted Situations....

This morning I decided to give my NutriBullet another try. I thought I burnt it out the other night mixing squash brownies in it, trying to save time. Apparently squash brownies are too thick. Digging around for the warranty info, (I just bought the thing two months ago) I remembered an important point.   I tossed the warranty into the trash because I was sick of looking at it on my desk, and figured the chances of me breaking my new appliance were pretty slim.

Later on I jumped into my car, putting off the run I had planned. There were errands that needed attention more than my brownie gut did. Pay the internet bill, pop some paperwork into the mail, pick up a new battery for my cell phone, and maybe find a few moments to sip a latte and do some writing.

Slipping into the drivers seat, I stretched the seatbelt across my chest, clicking the buckle into place as my car revved to life. Off to get stuff done. "I really have it together," I think proudly to myself.

As my car crept backward toward the end of my driveway, my smile fell to the floor. I forgot to get gas on my way home last night again. This is the third time since Sunday it slipped my mind. Well maybe the first, (between you and me) the other two times I put it off.

The needle on the gage sits comfortably over the official empty line... if I look at it straight on. If I lean to the left of the steering wheel for a second opinion, it looks like I might make it to the end of the road. My road is 8 miles long. I could pull back in and siphon from the lawnmower, but instead I go for it.

This situation is one I have been involved with many times before. It's called a "self- inflicted" situation. It sounds much more serious and irresponsible than "procrastination", which is too socially accepted.  Putting a task off for later in hopes of preserving the quality of now. Straight- up laziness if you ask me. An example of this would be, "I should stop for gas on the way home, but it's raining and I'm chilly- plus the dog had been in the car for a while and the kids are hungry. I'll do it in the morning." Any excuse will do.

The atmosphere in my car is less than relaxed, especially when I catch up to a huge farm tractor hauling a loaded manure spreader up the road, driving a little faster than I would have been running had I not chose to skip that part of my day. Can't he tell by the way I am tailgating that I have a situation here? Anyway, I snuck past him and made it. I love a happy ending.

*If I my NutriBullet was broken and I actually ran out of gas, the lesson would be this:
If we end up receiving the consequences of our self- inflicted situations, we will be much more motivated in the future to plan ahead so that we truly have it together, right?

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