Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Lights Out" Challenge

Lights Out Challenge

Classic parenting moment right here...

"Don't forget to turn the light off when you are done!"

How many times need I ask, gently remind, or straight up yell it across the house? Still, my kids never do it. I bet yours don't either. They appear to think I am asking too much of them. My daughter finds me annoying. My son, who is almost three, gets a kick out of nudging every light switch he can reach into the "on" position. He then waits for me to figure it out, laughing and trailing behind me as I turn them off, lecturing to him, "during the day the sun is our light." It's free!

Take notes here- sunlight is free! All day long!

They should teach this stuff in kindergarten.

No new information, perhaps a simple case of overlooking one detail, taking the big fiery ball in the sky for granted. I understand, after all- we are busy. Who has time to stop and think about things like this?

Don't worry. I am here to remind you.

When it comes to electricity... skimp. (I never encourage anyone to be cheap, but in this case- go for it.)

I prefer not to turn on lights during the day. Why would I? There are people out there that pay $125 and up a month on electricity! Is this you? Mine never hits $60 in the summer months, and hit $111.90 in the darkest, coldest February when we barely did more than huddle together on the couch watching movies all night. Okay- I also forgot about July when we run a box fan most nights to suck the hot air out of the house. The bill might hit $70. There is a solution.

Just a flick of the switch should do it lovers!

So here's my new scheme challenge.
My household is going "lights out" during daylight hours! 

Which means as long as the sun is shining there will not be any flicking of switches. The children will be re-trained, and so will I. Last month the bill was $62.65, from May 3rd to June 4th. A late start, but I am going for $45 in June. Anyone going to join me?

I do realise living in New Hampshire really helps with this scenario. If you are pumping the a/c in a place like Phoenix, sorry. But you can still try keeping the lights off during the day- I promise you will see a difference. Also- unplug those chargers when they are not charging, drink lots of water, and be happy because you are saving money!

Happy skimping! xoxo

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